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How to Activate Soundboard on Discord Server

How to Activate Soundboard on Discord Server

How to Activate Soundboard on Discord Server

Discord is a popular communication and collaboration network for gamers, content providers, and communities. A soundboard is an intriguing feature that can add fun and creativity to your Discord community. During voice chats, a soundboard lets users play various sounds and audio snippets, boosting the overall experience and interaction. In this article, we will lead you through the steps of activating a soundboard on your Discord server. You’ll be able to bring your server to life with amusing sound effects in no time, whether you’re a server owner, administrator, or a member with bot management permissions! 

This article will guide you through the process of enabling Discord’s Soundboard feature. Discord has definitely established itself as the finest in its field when it comes to VoIP and instant messaging services. Even though it already has a variety of exciting characteristics, the fact that it continues to receive periodic blessings of new delights adds to its extensive collection. The most recent addition in this regard is Soundboard.

A speech channel feature called Soundboard enables you to play a brief audio clip that can be heard by all users connected to the same voice channel. A soundboard is a way for you to express yourself and respond to the dialogue on the voice channel or the Go Live stream, much like Reactions and Super Reactions.

How To Get The Soundboard On Discord

For now, Discord Soundboard is only accessible to a select few users on a desktop. Although mobile users do not yet have access to some features, they can nevertheless hear any noises that desktop users are making on the server. In the upcoming weeks, more users will start having access to Soundboard on Discord.

The Soundboard is available on servers if you use Discord on a desktop and can access the brand-new functionality. You only need to enter any Voice channel on your server to notice a new button next to “Activities” that looks like a music album. The Soundboard panel will appear when you tap on it. Below, we’ve included a detailed explanation of how to use Discord’s Soundboard feature. 

How to Activate Soundboard in Discord

Remember that Soundboard is an experimental feature that is only accessible via the desktop version of Discord and has only been made available to a select few communities. So, if you’ve been given access to this feature, here’s how to make use of it:

  1. Go to the desired server and join the specified voice channel there.
  2. You should now notice a Soundboard music symbol in the lower left corner.  
  3. Click the Add Sound button in the Soundboard panel to add a new sound.
  4. To edit or remove songs from the Soundboard, go to Server Settings > Soundboard.
  5. Similarly, to delete a sound from the soundboard, click the X button next to the sound you want to remove.
  6. Go to Server Settings > Roles to block users from uploading unique sounds.

Once there, turn off the option next to Manage Expressions in the Permissions section.

I’m done now. These were the procedures for enabling Discord’s Soundboard functionality.

How to Activate Soundboard on Discord Server

1. Understanding Soundboards and Bots

Before we get started with the activation, it’s important to understand what a soundboard is and how it works. During voice chats, a soundboard is a collection of audio clips or sounds that can be triggered and played in real-time. A bot will be required to implement a soundboard on your Discord server. Bots are automated accounts that can do things like moderate the server, provide information, or, in this case, play sounds.

2. Choosing the right bot:

Discord has a plethora of bots with a variety of functions, including soundboards. Consider the following aspects when looking for the best bot for your server:

  • Functionality: Make sure the bot you choose is primarily intended to function as a soundboard, with customizable options and a simple UI.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Look for bots that have received positive feedback and high ratings from other users. This reflects the bot’s dependability and performance.
  • Choose a bot with active developer support and frequent upgrades to ensure compatibility with Discord’s latest features.

3. Adding the Bot to Your Server:

When you’ve found the ideal soundboard bot for your Discord server, it’s time to invite it. Here’s a step-by-step procedure:

  • Go to the Bot’s Website: Typically, an invite link will be provided on the bot’s website or documentation. Navigate to this link using your browser.
  • After selecting the invite link, you will be asked to choose the Discord server where you want to activate the soundboard. From the drop-down menu, select the relevant server.
  • Authorize the Bot: Discord will request access to various features of your server. Give the bot the permissions it needs to function properly.
  • Finish the Setup: Once authorized, the bot will connect to your server. You may need to perform extra setup steps, such as designating a soundboard channel or creating specific commands, depending on the bot.

4. Managing the Soundboard Bot:

It’s time to learn more about the bot’s functionality and take control of its settings now that it has been added to your Discord server.

  • Command Prefix: To distinguish between soundboard commands and regular chat messages, most bots employ a certain command prefix. Get acquainted with the bot’s default prefix or change it as you see fit.
  • Available noises: Type the help command to learn more about the variety of noises the bot provides. A list of the available sounds and usage instructions will be shown in response to this command.
  • Custom Sound File Uploading: A few bots let you add your own sound files to the soundboard. Make sure that the audio formats are appropriate and abide by any restrictions on file size imposed by the bot.

5. Utilizing Soundboard Commands:

It’s time to enjoy yourself with the soundboard commands now that the soundboard bot is up and running. You can use the following common commands:

  • Play a Sound: To activate a specific sound effect, use the play command. The name or identity of the sound you want to play should be substituted for “sound1”.
  • Stop a Sound: To stop a sound that is currently playing before it is finished, use the stop command.
  • Volume Control: Use the volume command to change the soundboard’s volume. Change “50” to the desired volume level, which can be anything between 1 and 100.
  • Soundboard Help: To obtain a list of possible soundboard commands and usage guidelines, use the help command (for example, “!sb help”).

6. Ensuring Server Etiquette:

While adding a soundboard to your Discord server might be a great feature, it’s important to use it intelligently and with consideration. The following etiquette rules should be observed to maintain a welcoming and inclusive community:

  • Avoid Excessive Use: Avoid utilizing the soundboard commands excessively or spamming other users during voice chats, as this might ruin interactions and anger other users.
  • Respect User Preferences: Make sure everyone on the server is at ease using the soundboard during voice chats. Please heed advice from others to use the soundboard less frequently.
  • Content Moderation: If you have the possibility to post your own sounds, be sure that they are suitable for all users of your server. Avoid using offensive, sexually explicit, or copyrighted material.

The soundboard tool in Discord is a fun and engaging addition to the platform. However, due to the nature of the experiment, it may not be available to all users. You should be able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue of the soundboard not appearing on your server by following the steps given in this article. Keep your Discord software up to date and enjoy the added layer of amusement that the soundboard offers to your voice channels.

Activating a soundboard on your Discord server can increase the amount of entertainment and create a more engaging experience for your community. You may quickly add a soundboard bot, change its settings, and responsibly enjoy numerous sound effects during voice chats by following the methods provided in this guide. Always prioritize server etiquette to ensure that all members have a good time. So, go ahead and activate your soundboard to bring your Discord server to life with laughter, excitement, and creativity!


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